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Zaha Hadid Bathroom Glass - 520w28

Zaha Hadid - 520w28

World renowned architect, Zaha Hadid is known for her luxury buildings & futuristic designs. Her latest project, 520w28th, is no different.

Since all the units are being designed to each owners preference, Zaha created a model apartment to showcase all the upgrades available. Included in these options are our switchable LC Privacy Glass walls for the bathrooms.

According to Leanna Garfield of Tech Insider, when I recently toured the model apartments, I felt most mesmerized by the BATHROOM. The marble bathroom seems fairly normal at first. Next to the tub, there are two glass-encased rooms, one for the toilet and one for the rainfall shower. But when you flip the switch on the wall, the smart glass walls instantly frost over.

Leanna continued, During my tour, the guide mentioned she always points out the glass to potential buyers because it undoubtedly WOWs them & it makes sense. Its an amenity that more luxury developers are adding to their high-rises, especially in major cities like New York