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How it Works

The secret to eGlass lies in the interlayer films that are used. These films absorb and diffuse light and sun glare in its natural state. The films are produced with a patented nanotechnology, which contains millions of microscopic particles. When a very low electrical current is applied to the film, the molecules instantly reorient, in response and in proportion to the strength of the charge. Once they align, they allow light, sun and vision to pass through. When the power is removed, the particles return to their randomized state, and vision and light is blocked.

 How its Made

The manufacturing process begins with our proprietary films that are laminated between 2 or more pieces of glass or polycarbonate. In addition to providing you with a unique form of switchable glass, this process also yields an exceptionally strong & shatter-resistant product. The panels can be made in virtually any shape, even bent, and can contain holes and cutouts for special applications. All eGlass products are manufactured in the US in state-of-the-art ISO 9001 manufacturing plants with superior quality and workmanship.

 Installation & Control

LC Privacy Glass and SPD SmartGlass is powered using concealed & unobtrusive wires that exit the sealed laminate through a UL-certified fitting, These are then connected to the office or home power lines. Controlling eGlass is easy, with many control options, ranging from simple on/off switches and dimmers, to more advanced controllers that regulate incoming light and glare using photosensors or automated home control systems. Integration with security systems, lighting systems, and home theaters is also easily accomplished with our proprietary interfaces The power required to operate eGlass is nominal, with typical windows and panels requiring just one watt/day to operate.

The SolarSmart Glass does not require any wires for installation or control. it is 100% solar-controlled, solar-powered and solar-responsive, and perpetually and dynamically adjusts with the intensity of the sun. It does not consume any electricity, and in fact, saves electricity by automatically reducing the load for HVAC systems and artificial lighting.