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On the Bright Side - Effective Strategies for Effective Daylighting Projects 

Glazing products that can change from clear to opaque are becoming more and more common for not only daylighting, but also to control heat and glare. Everyone wants more daylighting, and dynamic glass is tunable and completely customizable, says Anthony Branscum, vice president of architectural sales with Innovative Glass Corp. in Plainview, N.Y. Dynamic glass allows you to reduce daylight when its not optimal. Customers dont have to rely on shades, he says. 
According to Branscum, these products are used to help solve common problems buildings often encounter. Dynamic glass controls the amount of heat to maximize seating in a restaurant without losing service to people who are uncomfortable, he says. Its practical. Its being used in a lot of university facades, smart classrooms, hospitals, large atriums and in corporate buildings. Branscum says he has been working directly with dynamic glass for seven years, and the demand is growing every day. 
Architects are incorporating more glass into their designs, and theyre very open to the use of these technologies. They know its available for open floor plans with all glass offices to get daylight and privacy glass when they need the quick switch, he says. Architects are using it in so many ways that its hard for another product to relateUS Glass Magazine

Modular Wall Systems Provide Dynamic Options in Health Care Facilities 

Prefabricated solutions help to improve flexibility, infection prevention and patient privacy.
eGlass switches from clear to frosted at the touch of a button, through the use of a low-level electrical current that stimulates microscopic particles within the material. According to Anthony Branscum, the companys vice president of architectural sales, health care clients who install eGlass in patient care areas typically remove cubicle curtains from those areas. Now they don t have to take the curtains down and put up new curtains as they move the patients out, he says. They re able to wash the glass down as they ordinarily would, with their normal disinfectants, and they can move patients in and out of these rooms more quickly.
eGlass makes it easy to switch between patient visibility and privacy in areas like intensive care units, which place a high demand on each. The opaque and clear settings are useful for distinguishing occupied and unoccupied exam rooms in clinic or urgent care settings. The material also has been installed in pediatric settings to make the experience of care more comfortable for young patients. In back-of-house areas, meeting rooms or offices with eGlass can be set to private when needed or left clear for a more open aesthetic that encourages collaboration and allows for natural light flow. Most designs these days want to connect interior spaces with one another, says Branscum. Health Facilities Management

INSIDER design - Technology Turns Windows into Walls  

This technology turns windows into walls. Engineer Steve Abadi originally proposed the glass in 1982. In 2003 he brought it to life through his company, Innovative Glass. Their eGlass frosts over for privacy. A switch applies an electric current to a film inside the glass. This causes the crystal molecules to align, letting light pass through. When turned off, the glass is opaque. INSIDER

Home Security Lowers High Profiles to Keep Occupants Safe 

If you are rich, famous, scandalous or, as often happens in Los Angeles, all three, privacy is hard to come by. With awards season underway, the paparazzi will be out in force as celebrities ferry between red carpets and their homes. However, keeping a residence free of prying camera lenses, nosy tour buses, deranged fans or, in Kim Kardashians case, brazen jewelry thieves requires a new level of home design and security savvy. Here is a look at some high- and low-tech privacy solutions that even the non-scandalous may appreciate.
Electronic glass. When a celebrity had privacy concerns about the bathroom skylights in his clifftop Malibu home, he sought a high-tech solution, said Aron Abadi, vice president of Innovative Glass Corp. The company makes eGlass, an electronic glass that changes tint or opacity with the flip of a switch. The clients skylights were outfitted with his companys LC Privacy glass, which remains frosted white until electricity causes internal particles to rearrange and turn the glass transparent. Abadi also installed eGlass in his own homes front door.
If someone rings the doorbell, the glass goes clear for five seconds, then it frosts back up, he said. Its like a life-size peephole. Los Angeles Times

Product Spotlight for ORs & Surgical Spaces - Healthcare Design 

Surgical spaces require rigorous safety standards, placing tough demands on the products used within them. Durable, cleanable materials that can stand up to intense sanitization are essential; everything must be specified to help maintain strict protocols for care delivery. The Switchable LC Privacy Glass Breakaway Doors from Innovative Glass incorporate proprietary wiring solutions for sliding and breakaway doors, concealing all components that allow them to switch from transparent to opaque for privacy on demand while still promoting the use of natural light. The doors can be integrated into frames and used throughout healthcare facilities including ORs, ICUs, and EDs. Healthcare Design Magazine

Product Focus - LC Privacy Glass by Innovative Glass 

LC Privacy Glass, or eGlass, has an electrified film embedded within the glass that can be instantly changed from transparent to frosted white, creating full privacy - with the touch of a button. In the unpowered, default state, LC Privacy Glass is completely obscure, providing privacy from both sides but still allowing light to pass through. When electricity is provided, the glass becomes clear for full view and daylight to pass through. Facility Executive Magazine

Product Breakdown - LC Privacy Glass  

From offices to retail spaces, it can be tough to decide whether private or public partitions would be the most beneficial. But Innovative Glass Corp. offers a third option with their LC Privacy Glass eGlass. The clear glass system switches to opaque with just a click, giving you flexibility in your floorplan. By marrying technology to modern large-scale glass partitions, the LC Privacy Glass enables you to control privacy, light, sunglare, and heat in seconds. This is how it breaks down. Interiors and Sources

This Smart Glass Can Go From Clear To Opaque At The Touch Of A Button 

A company called Innovative Glass has brought this amazing technology which has put the usage of blinds or curtains in jeopardy. They are boasting about their glass product which can switch between dark and clear with just the touch of a button. One of their products called LC Privacy Glass is an electrically activated, switchable glazing that can toggle between transparent to frosted white with just a button. When the electricity is being provided the panels remain clear and transparent, and as soon as they are un-powered the view is obscured. Wonderful Engineering

Azure Magazine - Product Guide for Architectural Products 

Innovative Glasss electronic glass offering switches from clear to frosted at the flip of a switch, or by remote or app-controlled home automation system, creating privacy in applications such as bathrooms and exterior glazing. The glass is custom produced to specification and available as panels or finished framed windows, doors and skylights. Azure Magazine

Laminated Privacy Glass is Switchable 

Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass from Innovative Glass Corp. is laminated glass that has an electrified film embedded within the glass. It can be switched from clear to frosted white with the flick of a switch. In the unpowered, default state, the glass is completely obscure, providing 100 percent privacy from both sides and,  although private, light still passes through. With electricity, the molecules in the film reorient and the glass instantly becomes clear. The glass has no moving parts, is virtually soundproof and can be tempered, making it almost indestructible. This glass can be installed in fixed walls, partitions and sliding walls, as well as in swinging and sliding/breakaway doors. Retrofit Magazine

High Performance Glass with Innovative Technology  

SolarSmart - A heat-blocking, self-tinting smart glass that darkens in response to solar heat gain to keep interiors cool, lowering energy usage and costs. The hotter the glass gets, the darker the glass will tint. SolarSmart is 100 percent solar activated, requiring no power, wires, or user involvement. Architects Newspaper

Now You See Me - Solutions on Our Radar 

LC Privacy Glass addresses visual and audible privacy issues in hospitals. The electronic glass can be switched from clear to private with the touch of a button for controlled visibility. It eliminates the need for fabric curtains, offering an easy maintenance solution for patient privacy. Health Facilities Management

Design News - Glazing Over 

Fare well blinds, its time to embrace the future and dress bathrooms in Nothing At All! No need to be coy, though, as eGlass windows turn opaque at the touch of a button, retaining light and modesty. Living Etc Magazine - UK

Window and Door - Product Showcase  

LC Privacy Glass can be provided as completely glazed and pre-wired units in dozens of sizes, finishes and shapes with wood, aluminum, aluminum clad and 100 percent vinyl frames. The glass can be selectively and independently controlled within the same window. It has four modes: in Full View, the glass is turned on, allowing full light and vision and is completely clear; Glare Control mode turns the top portion of windows opaque to block out sun glare while preserving the view below; Modesty Mode keeps the bottom portion of windows opaque to maintain privacy, while still allowing sunlight through the top; and Full Privacy turns the glass off and is completely opaque, allowing diffused light from the exterior. The windows will automatically revert to the private state during power failure. Window & Door Magazine

Healthcare Design - Product News Roundup 

The Switchable LC Privacy Glass Breakaway Doors from Innovative Glass incorporate proprietary wiring solutions for sliding and breakaway doors, concealing all components that allow it to switch from transparent to opaque for privacy on demand while still promoting the use of natural light. The wiring can be incorporated into frames and used throughout healthcare facilities including ERs, ICUs, and ORs. Healthcare Design Magazine

Dynamic Glass - Smart Part(ition)  

Innovative Glass Corps privacy glass can be outfitted in an accordion wall system by Skyfold. According to Innovative, the combination of its glass and these partitions adds a new level of versatility to multipurpose areas, as the retractable partitions can enable spaces to be used in different configurations. This system allows for any room to be divided by vertical-folding partitions. As a fully automatic moveable wall, Skyfold can be stored in the ceiling cavity to maximize floor space. US Glass Magazine

Room to Grow - Interior Operable Walls 

A hygienic and maintenance-free alternative for patient privacy, eGlass provides vision control on demand with the flip of a switch. Unlike fabric curtains, eGlass allows for shared light, sound reduction and can be easily cleaned Architects Newspaper

eGlass Privacy Glass Offers Maintenance-Free, Dynamic Privacy Solution 

When powered, eGlass brand LC Privacy Glass is clear, allowing full view and daylight to pass through into patient rooms or an operating area. With  the touch of a button, the glass frosts and the view is obscured, creating privacy for procedures, exams, and private consultations. It can be cleaned like ordinary glass, with a paper towel and antibacterial solution. Innovative Glass has engineered proprietary wiring systems for sliding, telescopic and breakaway doors to make installation easy. Medical Construction & Design

Self-Regulating Smart Glass Maximizes Energy Savings and Occupant Comfort  

SolarSmart is a heat-blocking, self-tinting smart glass that darkens in response to the warmth of the sun to keep interiors cool and comfortable. The hotter the glass surface gets, the darker the glass will tint - providing its occupants with continuous heat and UV blocking throughout the day. Since SolarSmart is solar Activated, it requires no power, no wires, no user involvement or sophisticated control systems - allowing for simple installation. Because it is self-regulating, permitting natural daylight to be harvested, it will significantly cut cooling and lighting costs, which in turn will maximize potential energy savings. Medical Construction & Design

Building Systems - Solar Activated Tinting Glass Needs No Electronics 

SolarSmart is a self-tinting glass that automatically darkens in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare and ultraviolet light. The dynamic glass is 100 percent solar activated, powered and controlled, requiring no wires, electronics, external power or user involvement, which simplifies installation, and maximizes potential energy savings. Buildings with SolarSmart can save up to 22 percent of installed equipment costs, supporting a quick return on investment. SolarSmart net-zero-energy glazing solution contributes to LEED credits in six categories. Energy Manager Today

Product Trends - Privacy Glass Bathrooms 

Bathroom Privacy Windows & Decorative Electronic Glass for Showers. This high-profile Hamptons resident chose electronic Privacy Glass for their entire master suite & bathroom. They ordered finished doors and windows with switchable Privacy Glass complete with decorative SDL grills. The floor to ceiling bathroom privacy windows next to their bathtub and a full wall, including French Doors in their walk in glass shower leading to their balcony, all have glass that fogs up at the touch of a button. Archi Expo

Electronic Privacy Glass Finding a Niche 

Electronic privacy glass is fashioning in the luxury residential market. The product is aimed at homeowners who want the same privacy that comes from motorized shades but with potentially cleaner lines. From a control standpoint, the glass can be controlled via a wall switch or it can be wirelessly controlled via a simple remote control. The glass can also be controlled by Crestron, Lutron, Savant, Control4 and other systems, as well as through their apps. CE Pro

Smart Ways to Use Smart Glass at Home - the high-tech material offers new ways to handle privacy

The choice of what glass to use in your home is no longer clear. Different varieties of so-called smart glass can keep out prying eyes, regulate room temperature or conceal televisions. Inspired by the workplace environment, more homeowners are demanding similar technology for their residences, says Anthony Branscum of Innovative Glass Corp., based in Plainview, N.Y. We have seen more and more consumer-driven requests for the product, he says.
Switchable privacy glass consists of two panels that sandwich a polymer-dispersed liquid-crystal film that conducts electricity. The glass is opaque until the voltage is switched on, which causes the films particles to align, turning the glass transparent. The glass is used to divide or conceal rooms (an open-plan kitchen can vanish when guests are over) and can be hooked up to motion sensors (a shower door that turns opaque upon entering). The Wall Street Journal

Glass Companies on the Cutting Edge  

Some companies, such as Plainview-based Innovative Glass, seek to use new technology to drive demand. Innovative, founded in 2003 by former consumer electronics entrepreneur Steve Abadi, sells liquid crystal, electronically activated switchable privacy glass. The company contracts fabricators to sandwich paper-thin liquid crystal film between sheets of glass. New technology allows a greater variety of products to be sold to builders... Newsday

Keep it Simple - Dynamic Glazing

Innovative Glass designed, a variety of wiring systems to simplify installation of their eGlass product line. The company engineered and perfected concealed wiring components for a various types of moving doors for CommercialHealthCare Residential applications. These include Herculite, pivot, hinged, sliding, pocket, shower, automated & telescopic break-a-way doors for hospitals. This allows for a clean, end-to-end switchable glass installations for glaziers. Glass Magazine

This mesmerizing bathroom has glass walls that frost over with the flip of a switch 

Everything in the new futuristic apartment complex designed by renowned architect Zaha Hadid will be top-of-the-line... but when I recently toured one of the model apartments, I felt most mesmerized by the bathroom. The marble bathroom seems fairly normal at first but when you flip the switch on the wall, the smart glass walls instantly frost over.
During my tour, the guide mentioned she always points out the encasing installed by Innovative Glass to potential buyers, because it undoubtedly wows them. And it makes sense. Its an amenity that more luxury developers are adding to their high-rises, especially in major cities like New York, The Guardian reports. Innovative Glass hopes to deck out all of the bathrooms in Hadids new building, and is working on other projects for corporate buildings for Toyota, Sothebys, and JP Morgan. Tech Insider

Flipping the Switch - The Privacy Glass Market Could be Ripe as Ever

Switchable privacy glass is the veteran of the dynamic glass world. But it could be argued that it is still in its rookie season.
The early versions of the product were highly innovative yet relatively mundane from an application standpoint. Conference rooms and office spaces were the biggest users of the technology and still are. However, as awareness of the product continues to increase, so has its growth not only in how much it is used, but also the ways in which it is used. For years, the architect community drove the demand for switchable glass, with designers suggesting and exposing the product to the end user as a solution for their various privacy needs. US Glass Magazine

Product Spotlight - Staff Spaces 

Innovative Glass Corps eGlass LC Privacy Glass is an electronically switchable glass product that allows any window- or glass-walled space to become 100% private with the touch of a button. The privacy glass is easy to clean and maintain (with no moving parts), and works well in doctors private offices, break rooms, or anywhere that requires privacy in open spaces. Healthcare Design Magazine

Choices of Smart Glass for homes Multiply 

Glass for homes has evolved, extending now to several versions of so-called smart glass. Smart glass provides privacy, deadens noise and controls indoor temperatures, among other benefits. Privacy glass that is switchable turns from opaque to clear at the touch of a button. Switchable privacy glass consists of two panels and a film between them that conducts electricity. The glass remains opaque until the voltage is turned on, which activates the film and gives the glass transparency. Anthony Branscum of Innovative Glass Corporation in Plainview, New York, told the Wall Street Journal that homeowners exposed to smart glass at their workplaces want similar glass for their homes. Weve seen more and more consumer-driven requests for the product, Branscum told the Journal.

The Intelligent Hospital and Patient Experience 

The focus of this paper is on improving patient experience through privacy and infection control provided by Switchable Privacy Glass, otherwise known as eGlass a term the dynamic glass industry has widely adopted for this technology. eGlass is an asset in improving patient experience through controlled visibility and an advance in infection control.
eGlass has a diverse range applications in the healthcare sector. The technology has solved numerous privacy and Infection Control concerns. Although initial costs will be higher than traditional curtains and blinds, the long-term and continuing benefits are cost-effective and tangibly improve overall patient experience. Beckers Hospital Review

Privacy Windows 

Pressing one button activates an electronic switch that turns clear glass windows into opaque frosted white windows with Innovative Glass LC Privacy Glass. The product reduces sun glare and heat gain with no need for blinds or a curtain. Even in white-glass mode, enough light penetrates to lessen the need for artificial lighting. LC Privacy Glass comes in dozens of sizes, finishes, and shapes; frames come in wood, aluminum, aluminum-clad, and vinyl. Professional Builder

Products for Architects 

Privacy and transparency are both options with Innovative Glass Corps new LC Privacy Glass. Remote control allows user to power panels, making them clear or to obscure the view through the glass. LC Privacy Glass can take the place of curtains, blinds and walls in addition to replacing current glass. Chicago Architect

n-tech Report: Optimistic Outlook for Dynamic Glazing 

Smart windows may turn out to be a smart investment, according to a recent study. Anthony Branscum of Innovative Glass Corp., which offers SPD and PDLC products, says as general construction spending has increased over the last couple years, the market has become more aware of dynamic glazing.
He says there are now more instances in which the end user is requesting the product, as opposed to the architect suggesting it. A client may have encountered privacy glass in other places, and when they are ready to do their own space, they are now requesting it, he says. So basically, the consumer is starting to drive the sale of these types of productsThe US Glass News Network

Money-Saving Product Winner 

SolarSmart is a self-tinting, high performance glass. It automatically darkens in the presence of direct sunlight to block heat, glare, and damaging ultraviolet light.
It is completely solar activated, powered, and controlled, requiring no wires, electronics, external power, or user involvement. This simplifies installation and maximizes potential energy savings. It has passed NREL durability and exposure tests and meets the ASTM E2141-06 standard for long-term, maintenance-free performance.

Laminated Privacy Glass is Switchable 

In the unpowered, default state, the glass is completely obscure, providing 100 percent privacy from both sides and,  although private, light still passes through. With electricity, the molecules in the film reorient and the glass instantly becomes clear. Retrofit Magazine

LC Privacy Glass from Innovative Glass Corp 

Innovative Glass develops Liquid Crystal Switchable Privacy Glass - LC Privacy Glass or eGlass - a dynamic glass technology that replaces curtains, glass partitions and other alternatives in Healthcare environments where privacy & sanitation are necessary. Glass Magazine

Architectural Products 

#1 LC Privacy Glass Doors from Innovative Glass feature an embedded electrified film that switches from clear to frosted white at the touch of a button - allowing for instant privacy on demand and allowing light to pass through. Interiors & Sources

Fab 5 Most Wanted Product Picks - Privacy at the Touch of a Button

LC Privacy Glass is an electronic switchable privacy product that allows you to instantly switch your glass from clear to frosted white. Achieves 100% privacy, eliminating the need for shades, blinds and other window coverings. Custom manufactured to your specs and available as finished windows, doors and skylights, ready for contractor installation HOSS Magazine

Switchable Glazing - An Innovative Switch 

Innovative Glass Corp is promoting its liquid crystal switchable privacy glass, also knows as LC Privacy Glass, or eGlass, which can be used in a variety of applications including doors for intensive care unit (ICU) applications. The laminated glass has an electrified film embedded within the glass and switches from clear to frosted white at the touch of a button. US Glass Magazine

Best Industry Website - Supplier  

The Winning Solution: The new user-friendly website features hundreds of actual installation photos to help potential customers visualize and choose the ideal eGlass product for their application. All installations, divided by industries, have morphing images and case studies to show how the glass looks in different states and to highlight the benefits of eGlass. Using morphing images throughout our interactive website removed the need for people to use their imagination to visualize the transition of the glass, and it became self-explanatory, Abadi says. Window & Door Magazine

Smart Homes, Smarter Living  

Impactful Technology to Help Lovers of Modern Design and Modern Living Keep Up with the Jetsons. Turning on lights, making a morning pot of coffee, closing the curtains, these probably aren t the day to day activities most of us would consider tasks, but they are a part of everyday life, and wouldn t it be nice if these and a handful of other aspects to running a household were done by someone, or, more to the point, something else? With smart technology, you can enhance the look, mood and feel of your home and make your life easier by automating things you do each day. Pure Contemporary

Glass and Glazing: Dynamic Morphing Abilities 

With daylighting more desirable than ever, energy conservation a priority, and privacy never going out of fashion, architects and interior designers are discovering they have a wide range of new options, thanks to rapid advances in glass technology and glazing. Depending on the clients needs, different types of switchable glass offer different types of functionality. LC Privacy Glass is mainly used for light diffusion, says Steve Abadi, CEO of Innovative Glass Corp. It gives you the ability to have privacy by switching from frosted white to clear, and typical applications are bathroom windows for residences, conference rooms, hospital emergency rooms, theatrical applications, and skylights. Interiors & Sources

Switchable Windows: Efficiency Factor 

For energy-conscious parents, the message to their children may soon be turn off the lights and window before you leave the room. Thats because switchable window glazing  glass whose tint can be manually controlled through the use of electricity has finally become commercially viable. Electronically switchable windows are now finding their way into general use, everything from privacy screens in office interiors to skylights that darken and lighten automatically. Interiors & Sources 

eGlass - Dim Your Window Glass Electronically 

Innovative Glass offers two kinds of so called eGlass. SPD SmartGlass is a soft blue tinted glass that gives you the ability to tune the amount of light and sun glare streaming through a window or skylight.  The LC Glass is a privacy product that allows you to instantly switch the glass from clear to frosted white. 

Self Tinting Windows 

When the sun starts shining and the temperature rises, SolarSmart self-tinting glass from Innovative Glass automatically darkens to reduce light and keep interiors cool. Then, when the sun sets, the tint fades. Since the glass is 100 percent solar-activated, it requires no power, wires, or control systems, which helps to keep installation simple. The glass is a good fit for curtain walls, atriums, and skylights. The need for blinds and drapes is reduced, and the company says that buildings with self-tinting glass will see between 20 and 43 percent in annual energy savings. Professional Builder

Products: Glass & Glazing 

The latest high-performing and smart-glass products are improving views, occupancy comfort, and safety, while helping buildings meet energy goals. Architectural Record